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Reading job adverts

In this module you will learn new words about jobs, find information and understand important words in job adverts.

British film industry

Have you seen films about Harry Potter or James Bond? These films were made in the UK. Get ready for the Life in the UK test and learn more about the British film industry by completing these activities.

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

Would you like to marry someone rich and important? 'Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero' by Harriet Evans, is a story about a girl who falls in love with the owner of a huge country house.

Explore notebook

Explore is a new section with activities about home, family, food and work. These activities can be done with the help of the Explore notebook, available here to print or use as an interactive pdf



Quick Reads 2014

English grammar


Thursday 10 April 2014
Our website is being re-built!  Very soon we will have a lovely new website, with all your favourite activities and lots more! watch this space... read more

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Welcome to the ESOL Nexus page for learners. If you live and work in the UK this website is for you.

Click on the menus at the top of the page for activities to help you to improve your English, and understand more about UK life and work.