​When you describe a picture which contain lots of objects, it is important to make your description really clear. In these activities you’ll practise describing a photograph of food in a fridge, which contains many items and learn how to make your description logical and complete.


Task 1 - vocabulary

Complete this activity if you need to learn the names of the food in the fridge.

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - summary

Task 4 - describe a similar picture

Use the language you have learned to describe this similar picture.

Don’t forget to say:

  1. Where the photograph was taken
  2. Organise your ideas into sections and start each new paragraph with a word like “Firstly, then or finally”. Describe the details, e.g. on the left, on the right, next to, behind.’
  3. Add a conclusion sentence.
You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve you can record yourself again.


This is a photograph of the inside of a fridge and shows food organised on three different shelves.

Firstly, on the top shelf, there is dairy food. For example, on the left there is a glass of milk. Next to the milk, there are some eggs. Behind the eggs there is a butter dish. On the right, there is some cheese on a cheeseboard.

Then, on the middle shelf, there is mostly fruit. For example, on the left there is a banana. Next to the banana there is a mango. On the right of the mango there are some lemons and in front of them, there is some ginger.

Finally, on the bottom shelf, there are mainly vegetables. For example, on the left there are some radishes. Next to the radishes there is a tomato. On the right of the tomato there is a courgette, some carrots, some garlic and an onion. There are some small red balls behind the garlic and onion, but I cannot be 100% certain about what they are. They could be small tomatoes.

I think the food in this fridge looks very healthy and could be used to make a really tasty dinner. 



  • What meals can you make using the food from the fridge in these activities?
  • What food have you got in your fridge?!
  • Have you got a healthy or unhealthy fridge?

Write in and tell us! We’d love to hear from you!

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Dairy products: food and drinks made from milk. In my opinion eggs are not part of diary products. Therefore there are NOT only dairy products on the top shelf. Am I wrong? 

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There are NOT only milk products on the top shelf. Am I wrong?