What would you say if a service user called you horrible names or became violent?


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Interviewer:  What do you say if a service user is abusive or rude to you?

Tanya:  As I said, it depends on the service user. If it’s physical, physical or verbally abuse,  I would normally not approach that service user. I would normally…whatever training you’re given teach you how to protect yourself in a situation like that, so if you turn up at the client’s house this morning and that person he approaches them and you see they start swinging and they start calling you names, you just leave the premises. You can say ‘Miss Sandra you’re a bit em angry today, so I’m going to leave the premises and I will call the office to let them know that you’re not in a good mood today’. And you leave the premises, you don’t go and try to negotiate or try and get through to them because that mood that they’re in, they can harm you and harm themselves so best if you leave them and the manager will deal with it from there.

If it’s nothing to do with verbal abuse, or, or, they’re just a bit, a bit angry, I normally sometimes if they’re a bit angry – not verbally at me, are angry, I would just go in and I would still talk to them nicely, even if they’re shouting.  I would speak to them nicely. I would say if it’s John I would say ‘John, what is the matter?’ and he say ‘I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to you today’ And I said ‘ok John, you don’t have to shout I was just you know being caring wanting to know what’s the matter with you today’.‘I don't feel like talking to you. Don’t talk to me. Just do what you’re doing and get out my house’. And I says ‘ok John, ok’. And I would just go and if I have to make him his dinner, I make the dinner and I put the dinner there and I say ‘here’s your dinner, John, and I said, ‘have a very good evening’ and I leave. Be diplomatic you don’t fight fire with fire– so I’m not going to scream and shout. You must always avoid, em, lower your tone, even if they are above like that, keep your tone at a certain pace, just lower your tone and speak to them clearly so they can understand.