Listen to what motivates people to become care workers.  Learn new vocabulary, practise your listening skills and learn more about why people become care workers.


Task 1 - listen for ideas

Task 2 - matching statements to meanings

Task 3 - matching


Years ago you used to hear people say, ‘She’s only a carer, she’s only a carer.’ But you don’t hear it anymore because carers – it’s a profession now. – are expected to train.

It’s demanding, it’s erm, er worthwhile getting up in the morning, knowing that you’ve cared for somebody and achieved something nice for that client.

It’s also leaving a client’s home and they’re laughing aswell,

Hmm, they’re comfortable.

It’s, what you face today, in my job, as you’re going home and you know that you’ve done something good for somebody out there who needs the care.  You feel happy that you’ve really made the day of somebody’s life.

I think the social interaction is a very important part of the job because very often people won’t see anybody all day.  So we come in and, at least, it’s somebody to talk to.

The care’s so different.  You have a lot more freedom in your own life.  Whereas, you can bring your own social life into it.  You’ve plenty of time for your home life, your family, plus you’re doing a job you enjoy.  And it’s just a pleasure doing it.  You know, you get a smile on people’s faces.  I just love the job.  I really do.   I do enjoy it.  And as I say, It’s not a 9 to 5 job.  You can’t shut the door and say, ‘ I’m not doing it anymore, I’ve had enough today.’  You can’t do that, it’s people’s lives you’re dealing with.

The satisfaction of it.  Just the pleasure of someone telling you, ‘Thank you,’ for what you have done for me, it goes a long way, it does.  And it goes a long way for me because it gives me satisfaction.  And as they do thank me,  I’m just do  what  I’m told to do.  This is my job and I, erm, just want to thank you.



  • What motivates people to do care work? 
  • Are you motivated? 
  • Can you give an examples to show why you are motivated?

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