After the meal

Watch the short video clip in Victor’s café. Which of the things on the list you made in the preparation activity does Victor or his staff do after serving the meal?



Note down all the things waiting staff have to do after serving a meal, e.g.

  • check that customers are enjoying their meal

You can check your answers in the 'Answers' tab below

Task 1 - Find the missing word

Watch the video again and listen to Victor; fill in the gaps in the activity below.

Task 2 - Taking payments


Think about these questions about payment in restaurants:

  • What different methods of payment can you think of? e.g. cash, credit/debit card, cheque, vouchers.
  • Do restaurants/cafes in this country usually accept all these methods of payments? 
  • What about in your home country?
  • Is service charge usually included in the bill? 
  • Do people leave tips? If so, normally what percent of the total bill? 
  • Do waiting staff always receive the tips/service charge? 
  • How would the tip be left, e.g. added to the bill, left on the table as cash.
Read the short text about Sarah, a waitress from Edinburgh, and answer the true/false questions.




Video transcript

Victor:              Would you like another coffee or any tea for yourself?

Customer:       We’ll see later on.

Victor:              Have you finished then?

Customer:       Yes, I’m finished.

Victor:              Can I get anything else from us?


(scene of waitress doing dishes)

Victor:              Everything was OK? Have you enjoyed your fish and chips?

Customer:       Yes, good.

Victor:              Thank you very much. And £3.00 change for you, Danny. Thank you very much.



What do you think is the most important thing to do when customers have finished eating? Do you get any tips from customers? When do you get more tips? Leave a comment and let us know.

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