Watch the video of four customers placing an order in a restaurant.

What do they order?



Do you know any adjectives to describe foods, e.g. hot/spicy? See if you can match these words with their definitions.

Task 1 - Listening comprehension

Watch the video again and answer the questions.

Task 2 - Understand the order


Listen to two dialogues in another restaurant called 'Justin's Place'. What do the customers order from the menu?

Task 3 - Listening for detail 1

Listen to the first dialogue again and fill in the gaps in the exercise.


Task 4 - Listening for detail 2

Now, listen to the second dialogue again and fill in the gaps in the exercise.

Task 5 - Useful expressions for waiters/waitresses

Now let’s practise some phrases that customers and waiters/waitresses say before a meal.


Waiter:             Are you ready to place your order?

Customer 1:    Yes, I’ll have the escalope. What does it come with?

Waiter:             The escalope comes with new potatoes and mascarpone.

Customer 1:    That’s fine, thank you. I’ll have that.

Customer 2:    It sounds good. I’ll have that as well, please.

Customer 3:    And me too, please.

Waiter:             Thanks a lot. And for you?

Customer 4:    I was just wondering what sort of vegetables are in the vegetables and rice?

Waiter:             Well, it’s a mix of vegetables. It comes with carrots, green peas. It’s just a mix of vegetables.

Customer 4:    And does it come with sauce?

Waiter:             If you want I can ask for one.

Customer 4:    Yes.

Waiter:             Which kind of sauce

Customer 4:    Can I have a soy sauce please?

Waiter:             Sure.

Customer 4:    Thanks.

Waiter:             May I? (collecting menus) It’ll take around 20 minutes.

Customers:     OK, great.

Waiter:             Many thanks. If you don’t mind? (asking for menu back) Thank you.

Dialogue 1

Waitress:         Hello. What would you like?

Customer 1:    Hi. What’s the soup of the day?

Waitress:         It’s carrot and coriander or spicy roasted parsnip.

Customer 1:    How hot is the parsnip soup?

Waitress:         Medium hot, I’d say.

Customer 1:    I’ll have that for starters.

Customer 2:    Same for me, please.

Waitress:         Brown or crusty white bread?

Customer 1:    Brown, please.

Customer 2:    White for me.

Waitress:         Any main courses?

Customer 2:    What’s in the Shepherd’s Pie?

Waitress:         It’s a casserole with minced beef and vegetables, with a mashed potato topping.

Customer 2:    What veg does it come with?

Waitress:         The seasonal veg are French beans and glazed carrots.

Customer 2:    Sounds nice – I’ll have that.

Waitress:         And for you, Madam?

Customer 1:    I’m vegetarian. What would you recommend?

Waitress:         The spicy bean burger is very popular, or for something light I’d recommend the summer salad.

Customer 1:    Does the burger contain any nuts?

Waitress:         I don’t think so, but I’ll just check with the chef. Won’t be a moment.

Dialogue 2

Waitress:         Are you ready to order?

Customer 1:    Nearly. Do you do children’s portions?

Waitress:         Yes, we can do half portions of anything on the menu.

Customer 1:    OK. We’ll have the omelette – half portion, please.       

Waitress:         OK.

Customer 1:    And what are today’s specials?                  

Waitress:         We have sea bass with pepper, courgette and sweet potato and stew.

Customer 1:    What’s in the stew?

Waitress:         It’s beef stew, slow cooked with parsnips and carrots.

Customer 1:    Sounds nice. How much is it?

Waitress:         It’s £9.95.

Customer 1:    I’ll have that, please.

Customer 2:    I’m still deciding.

Waitress:         Fine, no rush.

Customer:       Can I see the wine menu?

Waitress:         Yes, of-course, I’ll bring it over.


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