What problems do you think cleaners have at work? Here you watch some videos, listen to what Susana and Rene say and practise making sentences for reporting problems.


Task 1 - problem items

Task 2 - four problems


Clip 1

Susana:      Hi Phil It’s Susana.

Phil:              Hello. Are you alright?

Susana:      Yes thanks, there’s a problem with the ladies’ toilets.

Phil:              Which toilets?

Susana:      The ones next to the kitchen. The hand dryer isn’t working.


Clip 2

Rene:           Hi Anna. It’s Rene.

Anna:           Morning. How are you?

Rene:           Not bad, thanks, but there is a problem with the lift.

Anna:           Which lift?

Rene:           The one on the right hand side. It isn’t working.


Clip 3

Susana:      Hi Phil. It’s Susana

Phil:              Hi there. Are you okay?

Susana:      I’m okay, but there’s a problem with the Hoover.

Phil:              Which Hoover?

Susana:      The one for the main reception. It isn’t working.


Clip 4

Rene:           Hi Anna. It’s Rene.

Anna:           Rene!  How are you getting on?

Rene:           Terrible! I’m outside. I can’t get in. There’s a problem with the door.

Susana:       Which door?

Rene.           The main one. The intercom isn’t working.



  • Do you have any other problems at work?
  • What do you do when you have problems at work?