In this section of the interview, Habib talks about what he likes and dislikes about his job.

  • What do you think would be the best part of the job?
  • And the worst part?

Listen to the recording. Does Habib mention any of your ideas?


Task 1 - likes and dislikes

Task 2 - contractions

Task 3 - health and safety

Habib mentions one key risk for taxi drivers: drunk and aggressive customers.

  • What other key risks are there for taxi drivers?

Click here for the Health and Safety Executive website  to compare your answers (scroll down to the section called ‘key risks’).

  • What advice do you think Habib would give to other taxi drivers about dealing with aggressive customers?
  • How could a taxi driver keep himself/herself safe?


Trudie: So you were saying about drunk people?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: Have you had any problems. Are they OK or..?

Habib: Sometimes, you’re going to meet different kind of people, you know. Some very aggressive, sometimes very nice people, you know, it depends.(6.10)

Trudie: What if they’re aggressive? How do you cope with that?

Habib: I just ignore.

Trudie: The best way.

Habib: The best way cos I’ve got kids. I don’t want any trouble, you know. I just ignore. Let them say what they want say.

Trudie: I suppose that’s quite a difference to Afghanistan?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: Cos you don’t have drunk people?

Habib: Not at all.

Trudie: No, so that’s a culture shock, isn’t it?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: So, what do you like most about your job as a self-employed taxi driver?

Habib: Well, to be honest, as I told you before, it’s just because of my kids and timing that I leave and I got enough time for my babies, you know. That’s all.

Trudie: And you don’t have a boss watching you?

Habib: Oh yeah that’s true; there’s no-one watching you, you know. No-one saying what time you have to come to work, what time you go, do this, do that. Not at all. You’re your own boss, actually.

Trudie: That’s good, so not so much stress?

Habib: No, no, no.

Trudie: Now, is there anything you dislike?

Habib: Well just the drunk people. Well, it’s a part of the job I am doing, but to be honest I don’t like it that much.

Trudie: No, I don’t think anyone would like that.

Trudie: Em, and so I suppose you would say that’s the most difficult part of the job, coping with that?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: Do you ever get anyone being sick?

Habib: Well, yes, specially weekend. They drink a lot. Especially if it’s a long journey, they do.

Trudie: And this is drunk people?

Habib: Thanks God I got carrier bags in my back seat.

Trudie: So do you give them the carrier bags to be sick?

Habib: All the time I just checking if they… ‘can you please pick up the carrier bag?’

Trudie: So you’re prepared?

Habib: Yeah.

Trudie: So that’s advice you could give to other taxi…– have plenty of carrier bags if you want to be a taxi driver in England?

Habib: Yes. Not all the time, it’s just the weekend, you know, after midnight.


  • What do you think you would like about being a taxi driver? What wouldn’t you like?

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