taxi passengers

Habib talks about his job, what is involved and why he is a self-employed taxi driver. Find out more and learn some useful English words and phrases.


Task 1 - information summary

Task 2 - find the words


Trudie: So thank you very much for allowing us to interview you. Can I start by asking your name?

Habib: My name is Habib Setari.

Trudie: And, Habib, where are you from?

Habib: I’m originally from Afghanistan.

Trudie: Right, and how long have you been living in the UK?

Habib: Almost 11 years.

Trudie: A long time. And in Afghanistan what did you do?

Habib: Well, back home I used to do a spare parts shop business.

Trudie: Oh, spare parts, yeah.

Habib: I used to do that business. When I came over London it’s changing.

Trudie: Was that your own business?

Habib: Actually it was my own business.

Trudie: Ah OK, and can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you married? Do you have children?

Habib: I am married man, I’ve got 3 beautiful kids – a girl and 2 boys.

Trudie: Wonderful! And you’re very proud of them, I can see.

Habib: Yes, of-course, yeah.


Do you think most taxi drivers in the UK are employed or self-employed? Have you ever thought about becoming a taxi driver in the UK? Why/why not?