Have you ever had a really bad day? Watch the video of Anne talking about when she had one of those terrible days. Then practise your grammar by answering the questions about using the past perfect.


Task 1 - preparation

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - practise using the past perfect


Hi, have you ever had one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong? I'm sure you have, I know I have. I remember one particular day, I'd been invited to a party and there was someone going who I'd never met but I really wanted to meet, so I was quite excited about going to this party, and I maybe spent too long getting ready and I was a bit late when I was leaving the house, but not too late. But then I looked down and saw I had a hole in my tights! So I had to go back inside, change my tights, come out again, so I was getting a little bit late for the party, but not too bad. I got in my car, started driving, about half way to the party my car stopped. I couldn't understand what was the matter until I looked at the petrol gauge: it had run out of petrol! Why? Because I'd lent my car to my son the day before and he'd used the petrol and he hadn't filled the car up! So I thought I'd ring the AA. I looked in my handbag to find my mobile phone, but I couldn't find it. Why? Because I'd left it next to my bed charging. So even though it was pouring with rain, I had to get out of my car, in my party clothes, walk to the petrol station and come back with petrol. By which time I was nearly 2 hours late. So, I was so flustered about being late, I started to drive and I just took a wrong turn and I ended up on this one-way system, totally lost, driving round and round for at least 45 minutes before I managed to get my bearings. So finally, I arrived at the party over 3 hours late and when I arrived the person I wanted to meet had just left, all the food had gone, and my host was horribly drunk. I was so disappointed that I just turned around and left and went back home. Have you ever had a terrible day like that, when everything went wrong? If you have, write and tell us about it.



Have you ever had a really bad day?

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Could you tell me the reason is used (ran) instead of (had run) in the second sentence , is it because (ran ) is a past participle ?

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Hello Ayron. The reason we use (ran) in the second sentence is because that is the past simple. We use the past simple to tell the story and the past perfect to show things that happened earlier. So my car ran out of petrol.(This is an even taking place at the time of the story - so past simple, because my son hadn't filled it up the day before. I hope that helps.


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Thanks a lot. Actually, all the time I am confused between Past tense and Past Perfect. Today I have got new information about Past Perfect which we use when we speak about actions that happened in past.