How many English words do you know to describe types of transport? Try this activity to learn some new words!


Task 1 - choose words to learn

Task 2 - transport phrases


  • How many different types of transport have you been on?
  • Have you travelled on all these different types of transport?

Leave us a comment and tell us about your journey!

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I have been on car, moterbike,byecycle.ship,plane,lorry.motercyecle,bus, tram,train,tube.

Yes, I have been used all these transports in my life but i just used ship one time in my life when i wnet to hong kong. But Often i use the bus to reach my job where i work. i aslo know to ride on byecyle. but byecycle is a bit dangerous then other transport beucase its provide less safety to rinde on it.

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It is an useful game to learn the ways of transportation