the front cover to the Quick Reads book 'Hidden'

‘Hidden' by Barbara Taylor Bradford is a story about a very brave mother. Read and listen to a short passage from the book, which explains how she met her very determined and powerful husband.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - vocabulary

Task 3 - summary


She had met Mark when Deborah was an infant. She was a single mom doing three jobs, determined that Deborah would have the best life that love and money could provide. She had begun working at Gilda when she was still pregnant, at night she did telephone sales for a magazine publisher. When it was too late to make calls she would design and create one-of-a-kind hair ornaments and fancy bows that she sold on Lexington Avenue outside< Bloomingdale’s. Claire was tireless back then. Deborah was thriving in the best nursery in New York City, and already showing a musical talent that was a bit alarming to her mother, who couldn’t sing a tune.   Mark had come into Gilda to buy a gift for his current girlfriend. Claire had been busy with another client. He had taken one look at her, and told the other staff that he would wait. He left the store that day with no gift, but a promise from a reluctant Claire to have dinner with him that night. She told him she had a daughter and didn’t date, but Mark Saunders had a way of getting what he wanted. Then and now.

  His courtship of her had been like something out of a fairy tale. Claire knew that it was his kindness to her daughter that caused her to open her heart and let him in. He was funny and handsome and powerful: a heady mix. Over time she grew to love him. True, it wasn’t the kind of passion she’d had with Walker, yet it was real and strong and, she had thought, plenty to build a life on took the car up to ninety, but the van wouldn’t be shaken off. She pushed her foot further down on the accelerator and touched a hundred, but it still remained less than a car’s length behind.



Do you think Claire stayed happy with Mark?

What do you think will happen next in the story?

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