Would you like to learn how to describe a picture? These activities will help you to speak about what you see in a photograph, in this case a photo of a market.


Task 1 - understanding the description of the photo

Task 2 - correct word

Task 3 - choose the correct beginning

Task 4 - your turn

Describe this photo of a market.  

Use some of phrases from the last task, for example:

  • This is a photo of….
  • You can see….
  • There are….

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.


This photo is of a fruit and vegetable stall in a market.  Market stalls are different from shops as they don’t have windows and doors: they have an open side where the stall holder can show all the things they sell.

There are three people in the photo: the market stall holder and two shoppers. The shoppers are a man on the right and a woman on the left.  The stall holder is serving the one of the shoppers: she is putting some fruit or vegetables in a bag. 

The shoppers are both wearing bright colours.  The man is wearing a pink shirt and black trousers and the woman is wearing red trousers with a grey and black top.  The woman has two bags: a handbag and a shopping trolley to put her shopping in.

At the front of the stall you can see a lot of fruit for example, peaches, lemons, oranges and pears. At the back of the stall, behind the stall holder there are lots of vegetables.  You can see peppers on the left and tomatoes in the middle.  Above the stall holder there are some bananas.

You can also see some of the prices of the fruit and vegetables. The kiwi fruit cost £2.25 a kilo and the lemons are 60 pence, but it’s difficult to see the prices of the other things.