Many British people like to do their shopping at the market. Watch the video about a typical market in the UK and practise your speaking skills as you complete the activities.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - vocabulary

Task 3 - word order

Task 4 - your turn

Practise saying these sentences:

  • I like going to the market.
  • You can buy lots of things there.
  • All the food is fresh.
  • I can get value for money.
  • I love to get a bargain.
You can use your phone to record yourself speaking. Listen and record it again until you are happy.


I like going to the market – you can buy lots of things there. There’s a butcher’s stall, a fishmonger’s stall, lots of clothes stalls, a DVD stall and a magazine stall. There’s a man who sells mobile phone accessories and one who fixes watches and cuts keys. There’s a stall where I can buy all kinds of bits and bobs – like spare parts for my vacuum cleaner and other household appliances. I especially like to buy my fruit and vegetables from the market. All the food is fresh and I can get value for money. There are lots of fruit and vegetable stalls, but I like Jason’s the best. I go to his stall every Saturday. I tell him what I want and he puts it all into brown paper bags. He always has a special offer on. I try to go at the end of the day, when things are cheaper. I love to get a bargain!



Think about a country you know well. Are markets popular there? Are they similar to markets in the UK?

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I am from Turkey. I 've been living in  UK for 2 years. I know very well markets in the UK and in my country. They are diffirent because we don't sell veg. and there, just some stuff such as clothes, jewellery , traditional for tourists or something. We call shopping mall where we sell everyting in there.  We also have shopping mall in the UK. Our shopping malls are the similar.  They are similar all over the world . I think we are faced with remember hazard  markets because of globalization. I am afraid of in the future it 'll make us  exactly the same culter...

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Hello I am Jenny and I am from Albania. I am married and I have two children. I've lived in Canada for about 3 years and I am self employed, that means I run my own business here and I am so happy. I have a shop with clothes and do really well. I am glad that you have your own bussiness/shop and I hope it is going well for you too!