How do you go to work? How long is your journey? Listen to Anne describe her journey to work.


Task 1 - comprehension check

Task 2 - word order

Record yourself

Now you can record yourself talking about your journey to work or school. Think about what you would like to say.

  • Is your journey the same every day?
  • Is it better at different times?
  • Do you always go the same way?

Try to use some of the new words and phrases you have learnt.

You can use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking. If you think you could improve, you can record yourself again.


Hello, what’s your journey to work like? How do you go to work? I live in north west London and work in central London so it takes me about an hour to go to work.

First I walk to the tube station and take the train. I change trains at Euston. I change from the Northern Line to the Victoria Line and I get off at Victoria and walk to the college where I work. In the morning I set off quite early so the trains aren’t crowded and I can usually sit down, but in the evening the trains are very crowded and everybody’s squashed together and in the summer it’s really terrible.


Tell us about your journey to work or school.

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It is great.

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We're glad you're enjoying Anne's videos! :)

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very useful

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Thank you, that sounds like great advice! 

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I love this website. It's a great help for learning English.

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I work about 50 kilometres far from my city where I live , so it takes me an hour and half. I get to my work by my car, fortunately I have a car so , sometimes some colleagues join me and while I am driving we discuss about different topics (politics, economics, ....etc).

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I work about 8 kilometres from the place where I live in. It takes me an 20 minutes to reach my office. I go early morning to my office and enjoy the journey because it is not really crowded. My bus drops me very near to my office gate. I get into the office around 8:15 AM. In Denmark people like to work early and they work for 8 hours. In the evening I take a bus back to my home and most of the times its very crowded and I even don't get a seat. In summer time it's really terrible to travel because of the crowd and no air conditioners on the bus. I takes me 30 mins to reach my home.

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My work it's about one kilometre away from home so l go there by my car. On my way to my work I enjoy listening to music .

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I work about 16km from my home and I need three buses to get there and it takes me about 120 minutes in the morning. The drivers stop a lot of times because of the students. During the journey I read newspaper or a book.