In the UK, many people enjoy eating fish and chips. Watch the video, which is about a British family enjoying their Friday night meal, and practise your writing skills.


Task 1 - vocabulary

Task 2 - find the verbs

Task 3 - fill the gaps


This is my family. Every Friday we have chips for our dinner because we are too lazy to cook. We all work really hard during the week, so, by the weekend, we are very tired. At half past five, my husband, Steve, gets in the car and he drives to our favourite chip shop, which is called ‘Alfie Grimshaw’. He always orders two portions of fish and chips with salt and vinegar, two sausages and one more portion of chips for the children to share. I like mushy peas, so he orders a pot of that, too. The girl behind the counter wraps everything in paper to keep it warm and puts it in a bag. Steve gets back in the car and he drives home with all the food. The kids set the table and I pour the drinks. We always enjoy our Friday treat.



  • Do you like fish and chips?
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When I was a child, I really liked chips, but I didn't like fish. Although my Mom said that chips are not good for my health, and the fish is good for health. So she just gave me a few chips. And now, when I move to the city to study at university, I can eat lots of chips but I don't because I understand why Mom said that.

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Probably I have had "fish and chips" ones in my life! I was living in Boston and my friend, a Columbian girl, and I went in a chilly Friday night to a pub. We drunk a couple of pint each of the famous Boston ale, followed by a tasty and huge dish of fish and chips! it was really "ginormous" and we struggled to eat all!

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i don't like fast food.

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I meet my wife every weekend, we are too lazy to cook. She and I always enjoy our weekends, we don't like to cook, we don't have the time to cook. We take the time to relax and talk together.