Do you know how to write about yourself? Read Leyla’s personal information and complete the activities. Then write about yourself.


Task 1 - complete the sentences

Task 2 - make the sentences

Task 3 - spelling


My name is Leyla Bilmez. 
I am 28 years old. 
I am married and I have got two children. 
I am from Turkey. I live in London. 
I am a shop assistant. 
In my free time I like playing tennis.



Now it’s your turn!

  • Write about you. Use Leyla’s story to help you.

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My name is Maria melita George

Iam 52 years old

Iam married and i have four children,two boys and two girls

Iam from philippines,but i live in london

My job is a caregiver

In my free time ,I like to do some gardening or riding my bicycle.

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My name is karima.

I am 26 years old.

I am maried and I don`t have any children.

I live in London.

I come from Algeria.

I am house wife .

I alaways stay home,clean my house,cook some food for eat.and in my free time I go shopping and sometimes I go walk in the park.


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Hello There,

My name is Ahmed, I am from Sudan.
 I am single 32 years old I've lived in the UK for two years
half. I am student at City of Bristol College Entry 3 ESOL.

I've pass exams in the last two years ago and I gained
Certificate include IT. I work at Bakery in Avonmouth called name Hovise.

In my free time I am reading a lots and watching TV also doing online courses in Biology, physics, and Mathematics as well.

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My name is Ann. I am 43 years old. I am divorced and I have got two boys. I am from Philippines. I live in Reading. I'm a student and I'm working as a Care Assiatant. In my free time I like to sing in my karaoke.

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Hello, my name is Francesco and i come from Italy, I am 36 years old. I live in Dublin with my girlfriend to learn English and to find a job. I like listening music and walking in the city to found out new lovely places.

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This is a nice video clip to learn about about self introduction.
I am 34 year old and will be soon 35.
I live in Karachi a mega city.
I have got two children.
I work in textile industry as Merchandiser.
I like to watch comedy movies and drama.
I like to play cricket.
I like to study religious books.
I like to watch English movies.

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Hello, my name is Nai. I am 22 years old. I am from Myanmar. I live in Myanmar currently. I am working as a Software Engineer. I like drawing arts and design, singing and dancing. I am single and I live with my parents and sister.
I joined to improved my English skills. Thanks for reading : )
- Sincerely, Nai -

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Good afternoon.
Well, My name is Edit I am 53 years old. I come from Hungary. I have been in the UK 4 years now. I am single but i have two children. My Daughter is 28 years old, my Son is 22. I am a worker here in the UK and I am happy because I could start my English language course in September. Although I am very busy I like to visit some beautiful areas here. I hope in the future my English will be great.

Have a nice day to Everyone.

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My name is Hadi.
I am from Syria.
I like to play handball.
I am married.
I have three children.

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My name is Cristiano. I am from Brazil. I am 39 years old. I have married 13 years ago and I have two children. I study because I need a certificate.