When you apply for a job, you often need to write some personal information, including information about your past. In these activities, you'll learn what to write by reading Samran’s personal information and then completing the activities.


Task 1 - past tense spelling rules

Samran uses some verbs in the past tense to write about her life in Thailand. All the verbs end in 'ed'. Be careful with spelling.

1. words that end in 'e' only add a 'd'

live - lived

like - liked

2. words that end in a consonant and a 'y', change to 'ied'

marry - married

hurry - hurried

3. short words with a short vowel sound (a, e, i, o ,u) and a consonant at the end, double the last letter and add -ed at the end

shop - shopped

drop - dropped


Task 2 - write regular verbs in the past tense


I am originally from Thailand but I live in Manchester now. I am a shop assistant and I work in a fruit shop near my home. I check the fruit is fresh and I serve customers. I enjoy my job because I like talking to customers and helping them.

Before I moved to Manchester, I lived in Bangkok in Thailand. I studied business administration at college in Thailand. I learned a lot about working in business. When I finished college, I started working in an office in Bangkok. I typed letters and answered the telephone. I stopped there for three years. After that I married my English boyfriend and moved to England.



Now it’s your turn.

  • Practise writing your own personal information. You can use Samran’s writing to help you.
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My name is Thủy, my friends often call me Veronica. I'm 25 years old. I'm from Vietnam and I live in Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. I'm jobless now. I'm trying to learn English well, and I hope I can find a good job in near future.

As Samran, I studied bussiness administration at college. I learned a lot about working in bussiness. When I finished college, I started working for a small media company. I worked as clerical staff. I typed letters and answered the telephone. I stopped there 6 months ago when that company was closed down.

This is my personal infomation. I hope my writing doesn't have too much mistakes. And want to say thanks to people who made this website with good lessons!


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hello everybody

i am syed Ebad i am from Pakistan i am a Lawyer and currently practicing in Karachi as an Advocate. i have more than 5 years experience in legal affairs. i have good drafting skills and legal compliance etc.

i keen to learn English both verbal and writing skills who is required in my field.

This is my personal information. This is my personal statement that "there is no such thing as failure, if you are always learning" based upon my statement i am keen to learn and hoping that people point out my mistake in my personal information and as well as how i am doing to improve my English both verbal and writing skills.

Thanking You

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My name is Mercedes. I´m from Argentina. I born in Buenos Aires city, but when I was 2 I moved to a little town called Pérez Millán. I finished my secondary studies, and I moved without my parents to Rosario. Nowadays, I´m studying here to be an english teacher. This year I will start my second year of career and I find this page an interesting and helpful tool.

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My name is Anita. I am from Nigeria. I am a doctor and did my medical school at University of Jos, Nigeria. After my first degree,I did my internship at the Federal Medical Center.
After my internship, I got a job down south as an ER doctor. I worked there for about two years, after which I met my husband, got married and I joined him in England.

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I am from Brazil. I am a biologist and now I work with environment. I am a manager of protected areas for the Brazilian government, like National Park. I am a federal employee.
I enjoy my job because I work for the conservation of Brazil's natural and cultural heritage.