bin fire

Many people use a wheelie bin to store household rubbish. The council usually collects the rubbish from your wheelie bin every week. Sometimes people leave their wheelie bin outside on the street and bad things can happen. In these activities, you will read a leaflet which tells you how to stop wheelie bin crime.


Task 1 - reading comprehension

Task 2 - matching words

Task 3 - completing sentences


Now you know how to keep your wheelie bin safe. Think about the following:

·      What time do you put your wheelie bin on the street?

·      What time do you take your wheelie bin back

·      Do you need to change anything to make your wheelie bin safer?

Leave a comment below to let us know how you got on.

This is based on a resource from Salford City College, we would like to thank them for allowing us to use this. We would also like to thank Salford City Council for allowing us to use their leaflet.