What do you think is ‘British food’? Watch this film and find out what people in Britain like to eat.


Task 1 - food words

Task 2 - check your understanding

Task 3 - gap-fill


Carmen: The Chinese introduced oriental food to Britain. But before the Chinese, immigrants from all around the world came to live in


British people enjoy a huge range of food and flavours from other countries.

This is Borough Market, London’s oldest food market. Today, you can find food here from all over the world.

This is Italian cheese. Each group of settlers brought their own food and styles of cooking and people here embraced the exciting new

flavours… maybe because British food wasn’t very good.

Restaurants from all around the world can be found on most British high streets. Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Persian... the list

goes on.

But just what are the UK’s favourite dishes?

On the Street: My favourite meal is Thai green curry.

On the Street: One of my favourite meals is... cottage pie with peas.

On the Street: My favourite food is... Chinese ... Chinese.

On the Street: What’s my favourite meal? Still full English breakfast.


Chef: This is a full English breakfast. Tomato, black pudding, sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom.


Carmen: A big fried breakfast might not be to everyone’s taste. But in Britain, there is something for everyone.

Celia Brooks Brown is a food writer and knows all about food and the future of food in the UK, today.

Mmm! It looks good. What have we got here, Celia?

Celia: Well, this is a British tomato salad with a Yorkshire-made sheep’s cheese. And here we have a Barnsley lamb chop with new

potatoes and a mint hollandaise sauce.

Carmen: So is this a sign of developments in British cooking?

Celia: Yes, people want to know where their food comes from. Chefs in restaurants like these are reinventing classic British dishes. They’re

using ingredients that are locally sourced and locally grown.

Carmen: So what about world cuisine?

Celia: Well, anything goes. Chefs love to experiment with ingredients from different cultures. And we live in a globalised society, it’s very


Carmen: OK, Celia, if you were cooking these dishes at home, what ingredients from different cultures would you use?

Celia: Well, I might use something like this. This is a Moroccan spice mix called Ras el Hanout. Have a sniff.

Carmen: Hmm. That’s really strong.

Celia: Lovely, isn’t it? Now, this might make a lovely spice rub for that lamb chop.

Carmen: I can’t wait to taste this.


The food in Britain reflects the many different cultures here. But some of the old favourites are here to stay. I’m off for my favourite, fish and chips. Want a chip?


  • Have you eaten British food? What have you tried?
  • What is your favourite food from your country?

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Yes i have tried the steak with chip which i think is British food but some people like to eat steak with boild rice or pillo rice. Aslo i tried chips and beans and its very good diet for stomatch . 

in my country we like to eat mostly curries 

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yes,I have tried  fish and chips and I liked it. In my country  the most famous food is kabab.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this. I love it. It is really effective :)

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I love fish and chips...but the most delicious english food I've tried is cheddar...I'm addicted to it!!! :-) My favourite Italian food is "melanzane alla parmigiana"! 

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Yes,I have sometime.

I have tried fish and chips it's nice but i can't eat often will make me fat i think.

My favourite food is Papaya salad every thai person love it. 


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Yes I like fish and chips. My favourite Italian food is pasta.

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I have tried to eat fish and chips as soon as I arrived in England and I love it !
In my contry my favourite food is Lasagne