People have lots of ideas about life in the UK, but sometimes it is not quite what they expected! In this film, ESOL learners talk about their expectations of life in the UK.


Task 1 - listening comprehension

Task 2 - comparative adjectives


  • Is life in the UK what you expected?
  • Did you find anything different?

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I think live in Uk is dificult for strenger.It is no place to lern English for them.

Secondly a lot of things are to expensive for them.

They don't allow to pay for them.

Another problem is to employ for short time. It is very diticult and make stress.


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the life in the is to diffucult because i can't find free english courses so we need to pay everywhere...... i need to find some information about free courses(english) 

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Hi Fatmazena, these English resources are free. We hope you find them useful.

Best wishes,

the ESOL Nexus Team

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The music over the last segment makes listening difficult. - teacher comment.