Finding peace​

I was born in Liberia in 1993. During the war, I lost my parents, so I was taken to Guinea Conakry, where I was adopted by the army. When President Lansana died, on 22nd December 2008, Dadis took power. Afterwards, he became a dictator. He couldn’t organise a fair election, so the military shot him and, because of that, many soldiers were arrested - including my adopted parents. They came to our house and arrested the family, but fortunately I escaped. I couldn’t understand how I was able to do that. 

Then I went to a neighbour’s house, and he let me stay there for a while .The situation was so bad and, although he wanted to save my life, he couldn’t keep me because he was afraid of problems. He took me to Sierra Leone, where I left for the UK on 10th June, 2010. 

When I came to the UK life was boring and difficult, but now it has started to get better and I hope to make a good future. Since I came, I have never heard shooting guns and I am at peace, so I am happy to be in the UK. 


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  • How does your story of moving to the UK compare to Ibrahima’s?
  • Did you have similar feelings and experiences, or was your story very different?
  • Are you, like Ibrahima, optimistic about the future?
  • What advice would you give to someone who has just moved to the UK? You could post your responses below.