This book is written by by Asha Mohamed and is called ‘So Many Things I Could Have Written.’ You are going to listen to a short extract from the book which describes her first few weeks in Britain.


Task 1 - matching

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - gap fill


My first problem was the language.

I took a taxi from Heathrow Airport to a hotel in the centre of London. It was an expensive hotel because I did not know a cheaper one. The taxi driver, who did not know my pocket, was my guide.

The receptionist addressed me as if I was deaf. Every time he asked me to pay the bill, I used to give him a hundred dollars* and simply waited for the change, not knowing how much it should be. Actually I was at his mercy.

After three days the receptionist put me in touch with two Somalis living here. One of them was a blind man. Since the other one was living in a hostel, the blind man invited me to stay in his flat, until the necessary formalities were sorted out by the Home Office.

The blind man was my guide and my interpreter but I was the real guide as he was blind – that means it was the blind leading the blind.

* The currency of the UK is sterling (pounds £). It is unusual (although possible) to pay for hotel bills in dollars.



  • Did you have any similar experiences to Asha when you moved to the UK?
  • What do you think are the most difficult challenges that people have to deal with when they arrive in the UK?

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