Rashida is a profoundly deaf woman from Quetta in Pakistan, who is now living in London. She came to Britain to find a cure for her deafness, unfortunately without success. Her book describes how she learnt English and succeeded in adapting to a new culture and overcoming her deafness to lead an independent life in Britain.


Task 1 - matching

Task 2 - comprehension

Task 3 - reorder the sentences


For the last four days it had been snowing. The same high fever, sickness and headaches that I had had seven years ago gripped me. Because of the bad weather no doctor wanted to leave his house but finally Syed found one. As soon as he saw me he told Syed to take me at once to the hospital. A kind neighbour took me there in his van and the last words I remember hearing when we arrived were, ‘Bring the stretcher quickly.’ Then I lost consciousness.

I do not remember how many days passed before I regained consciousness. I do not remember seeing the boy, who wanted to marry me, and his family. I was told later that they came to the hospital and were very sympathetic and keen for their son to marry me. Finally I came out of an ocean of pain to see my mother, Syed, doctors and nurses round my bed. One of the doctors asked me something but I could not hear what he said. At first I thought they were all talking in low voices because of my illness. Then I asked the doctor what was the matter. I saw his lips moving in reply, but no sound. Then my mother wrote on a piece of paper that I had become totally deaf.



  • Do you know anyone who has a hearing problem?
  • How does it affect their ability to learn English?

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This book is part of a series of books published by Our Lives Press. The books are written by people from different cultures about their experiences of living in Britain. If you would like to read this book or any others in the series you can order them from your local library or by following this link.


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It's a shame that doctors don't come to examine her, except one.
They all have bad excuses about bad weather.