This project built an initial research evidence base by drawing directly on learners’ and teachers’ experiences of issues of sexual diversity within ESOL. This concept of ‘bringing the outside in’ (Roberts and Baynham 2006), understanding how learners’ lives affect and impact on learning and life opportunities, is a key strategy in understanding the heterogeneity of ESOL learners and supporting them in an unequal world.

In this context, the contributions of tutors and LGBT learners  provided a unique body of evidence from which to clarify thinking and to strategize for supporting their participation in ESOL classes. It should provide a basis for future research into inclusive pedagogy, professional development and materials writing. This contribution to knowledge about the role of gender and sexuality in language teaching and learning will be of relevance to ESOL teacher education across the Anglophone world in particular, and to teacher education for all sectors more generally.

Project team

Sheila Macdonald - Community Learning and Skills, Kent County Council

Laila El- Metoui - Education Consultant

Professor Mike Baynham – University of Leeds

Dr John Gray -  Institute of Education

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