This section focuses on language experience, an approach to literacy teaching which is quite well known in the field of ESOL. The footage comes from a seminar given by Judith Kirsh for the British Council. Embedded within it is another video clip of a one-to-one lesson showing Marina Spiegel using a language experience approach with a beginner learner.

Thanks are extended to Learning Unlimited (, who gave permission for the use of this clip from the video ‘Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners.

Resource pack content

  • A trainer notes sheet for the person leading the session
  • An activities sheet for participants to use during the session, while watching the DVD. This is to help people consider the issues raised in the films in more detail, and to then apply them to their own practice.
  • Notes for participants, to be read by the trainer before leading the session and given out to participants, normally at the end of the session. These give background information, expand on the theories referred to in the films and give ideas for follow-up, including a bibliography.