'Introduction to care work: what's involved in care work?', is suitable for ESOL learners who plan to work in the care sector or who have recently begun working in the sector. It focusses in particular on working with the elderly.

This teacher’s pack includues teachers’ notes and worksheets to download

Level: Entry 3 – Level 1 / SQA Intermediate 1 – Intermediate 2 / CEFR level B1 – B2

There are three topics in An introduction to care work:

  • Topic 1: What's involved in care work
  • Topic 2: Qualities of a care worker
  • Topic 3: What motivates people to go into care work?

The films feature interviews with care workers talking about their jobs, the qualities required and what motivates them. The video clips comprise a series of sound bites, with the interviewer edited out. A lesson has been developed around each film. Each unit can be taught as a standalone.

The resource is suitable for whole class use, in a variety of settings, including workplace, voluntary and community. Timings are flexible since learners can work through at their own pace.