Countries I Know

This lesson helps learners to develop their speaking and listening skills using a context in which they are an expert. Exchanging information about their backgrounds and cultures should help boost confidence, foster better relationships and mutual understanding. It could be used to introduce a series of lessons on countries and cultures with plenty of opportunities for extension work and the creation of colourful and personal classroom displays.

Level:  Beginner – Entry 3, Scottish National 1 - 4  

Time:   90 minutes


  • To be able to talk about my country and culture
  • To develop free speaking skills
  • To develop free writing skills (extension work)


All learners will

  • develop vocabulary relating to countries and cultures
  • be able to ask and answer questions about different countries
  • make statements about countries they know
  • form questions: the wh– type and the yes/ no type
  • respond to simple questions on basic facts about countries and culture.

Learners at Entry 2 / National 3 and above will be able to:

  • use question form of simple present and simple past of common verbs and verbs be, do, have, wh– forms, how much / many
  • follow up a response to their question to continue the conversation
  • compare and contrast, using comparatives where appropriate
  • ask for clarification, with appropriate use of intonation.