Developing reading skills in prison

This lesson is about developing learners’ reading ability by introducing and developing skills through the Six Book Challenge. It provides learners with support to explore and enjoy a Quick Read book. Quick Reads are books written by bestselling authors or well known personalities. Most prison libraries will stock a range of Quick Read books and also have information and materials to support the Six Book Challenge.

There is also much information on ways of supporting the challenge with learners including information about the 300+ titles available, Quick Reads books and ideas for teachers and learners to keep going.

Topic: Introducing Quick Reads to begin the Six Book Challenge.

Level: E3

Time: 90 minutes


  • To develop learners’ ability and motivation to read
  • To expand learners’ vocabulary of book types
  • To develop reading for pleasure and interest
  • To introduce learners to Quick Read books and the Six Book Challenge

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session earners will be able

  • To read and obtain information from a text about the Six Book Challenge
  • To use vocabulary for different genre of books
  • To speak to communicate information about their own reading preferences