Can you say these English sounds? Practise saying words like ‘sip’ and 'zip' which contain the consonant sounds /s/ and /z/.

Practise saying words with these sounds:

/s/          /z/

sip          zip


Task 1 - learn new words

Listen to some more words with the /s/ and /z/ sounds:

                                 /s/        /z/

                              niece - knees

                              ice     - eyes

                              piece - peas

                              price  - prize

Now complete the task and learn to say the words in sentences.

Task 2 - which sound can you hear?

Task 3 - speaking practice

Practise saying these sentences:

  • My niece is wonderful.
  • What amazing eyes you've got!
  • Would you like some peas?
  • What's your best price?
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Say this sentence which contains lots of words with /s/ and /z/ sounds.

  • ‘Sue’s amazed by the sneezes of her nieces.’

This is a tongue twister – a sentence that is difficult to say when you speak quickly!

Write a tongue twister using the /s/ and /z/ sounds. We'd love to read them!


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I found these videos very useful. The sounds are very clear but she moves from one word to another very fast. It would be useful to repeat the words more than once to give us the chance to process the sound first in order to be able to reproduce it.