How do you find time for household jobs? In this lesson, you are going to listen to a conversation about sharing household tasks. The language focus is questions.


Task 1 - comprehension

Task 2 - ordering

Task 3 - game


P: Wow! Kathryn! Your house is so tidy! Have u just cleaned it?

K: No, D cleaned it before he went to work.

P: And did he do all the washing up as well?

K: Yes, He got up really early today.

P: So who took the children to school and nursery then?

K: I did, on my way to work.

P: Do you always take them?

K: No, usually D does, but I didn’t want to interrupt his cleaning!

P: So, did you get the children dressed as well?

K: Yes, I did today.

P: So what time did you get up this morning?

K: Well I actually had a lie in! I got up at half past six today. But D got up at 5.30.

P: 5.30? Really? So what time do you two go to bed?

K: Mmm I’m always in bed before 9 o’clock on weekdays now.

P: And I know you eat together in the evenings. Who usually cooks dinner?

K: Sometimes it’s me, but D’s a much better cook than me, and he loves cooking, so he cooks more often than me.

P: And who’s picking the children up today?

K: D. So I’ve got time for another coffee if you’d like one…


  • How do you share the household jobs in your house?
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usually my wife share the household jobs, but sometimes I cook and help her washing the cutlery.

We often collaborete together, because I we ake up early to go to my job, and and she take my older daughter to school .

Our secund daughter is still has two years old , for that she  stay at home with her in home.

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As I'm usualy involved in studies matter and others thing..Bia my wife does 

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I often send my daughter go to school. My husband sometimes helps me do the cleaning ,I always cook.

When my husband goes to work at the early morning , he can't send my daughter to school. but he will clean the house when he gets home in the evening time .

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Share the houshold jobs in my house? Not typical!!! :(

I'm doing all the housework in the house and in the garden, and I'm taking the kids to school.