Do you go to the Post Office? Is the Post Office worker friendly? Listen to this conversation and repeat the phrases.


Task 1 - true or false?

Task 2 - fill the gaps

In this activity you will need to listen very carefully and type the missing word in the gap.  Pause the recording so you have time to type. 


Task 3 - order the words



Cashier number 8 please.

Hi mate.

Thanks for waiting.

No problems. I just want to send this to Canada, please.

OK then........................all right.... that’ll cost £1.65. Is that OK?

 Yeah, that’s fine, mate, £1.65, perfect.

How are you anyway? Everything all right today?

I’m fine thanks. Bit busy in here today, isn’t it?

Yeah, Mondays are always busy.  If you come here any Monday people are waiting to take their pensions, pay the bills.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Well, here’s £1.65

All right, thank you very much. Let me get you your 35p change.

Lovely. Thank you very much and have yourself a lovely day.

You too – take care – bye!.


  • Do you find it easy to use the post office? 
  • Have you ever had any problems?

Tell us about them by posting your comments below.

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Well, it seems a little unrealistic to me since there are no post office clerks in Turkey asking whether I'm doing fine or not. But, anyway, it is a good conversation eventhough I couldn't understand a word at first listening. I thought he was speaking in a different language when saying "A bit busy in here isn't it?"  I wonder if British people speak like this all the time in their daily lives...

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The website is great!It's good listening because its very usewal conversations.I never have problem in my post office.Thanks for give me these kind of information.

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It's very useful but one things is very important that the accent is very hard to understand,I,m very greatful .