Would you like to develop your career in the care sector? Listen to care workers talking about opportunities for on-the-job training and career progression.


Task 1 - multiple choice

Task 2 - listening for detail


Woman: Yeah, I came as a normal carer, em, but because of my qualifications, em, my manager and director offered me the chance of senior carer, which I was a little bit dubious of taking first of all, but I decided I’d give it a go. And after a couple of years they decided that they’d like a team leader. And by that time I’d done, em, my risk assessor course and I was doing risk assessments. So I was offered the job of team leader, em, which I really do love. And, em, and that’s how I’ve got to where I am, but where I go from here I don’t know, coz I’m quite happy here, like, as I am.

Man: Yeah, I did my level 3 NVQ before I actually started here. Em, that helped me actually, em, get you know, sort of get the opportunity to actually take this place on, em, having that sort of qualification. And I have started my level 4 NVQ.

Woman: I think the way the job has changed since I’ve been team leader, I get more variation. You know one day I come in and I may be more in the office doing my paperwork or photocopying, and things like that, whereas another day they might ask me to go out caring because they’re short staffed. And so like that I think I get the whole lot of jobs, which is, which is nice.



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