Would you like to be a care worker?  Perhaps you have cared for a family member/elderly relative and would like to do this as a job? Are you a care worker already? Listen to care workers talking about their job and practise using useful language for care work.


Task 1 - listening for phrases

In the film the care workers talk about their jobs.  Listen carefully for some useful expressions for care work.  

Task 2 - listening for detail


I go into people’s homes.  I help them either get out of bed, wash, dress, erm, get their breakfast, erm, give them their medication, whatever care they need really in the time.

Some need washed.  Some just like, erm, the support they get which is by making their breakfast, cuppa tea, er, perhaps they just want cream, face washed and the things that they can’t do, you know.

Three or four clients up, either wash them or bath them, give them their breakfast, make sure they’re set for the day.  Then I go onto lunches, which means I go in, I prepare food, feed them.  I then, on one day a week, I actually go in and put them to bed.                 

Some people you go in the morning, it’s just a case of getting breakfast.  Other ones you go in, you’ve gotta get them up, washed, dressed, breakfast.  Beds made, whatever you know needs doing.  Peeling two or three potatoes or whatever like that.  Cleaning up after the budgie (laugh).  We do clean up after the budgie!

You think, come in feeling a bit oh no, sort of like feeling a bit tired.   So I start at seven in the morning and finish about half one, two o’clock.  And, you, sort of like, you do your round.  It’s, sort of like, it’s fun.

Make sure they had their lunch or breakfast or dinner coz if we don’t go, and some of them, they don’t eat.  We have to check they have something to eat every day and, you know, they had a drink, they’re not dehydrating and things like that, you know.

The messier jobs are like changing the incontinence pads and washing people down below.  Erm, you know, you can go in and, obviously, somebody could have had an accident in that way and you have to be prepared to do that. So everyone should know that that is part of the job.  It’s not just making cups of tea and chatting.



If you would like to find out more about care work, please look at the other activities in the ‘care work’ series.

If you are a carer, do you enjoy the work?  What do you do?

If you are thinking about doing care work, which of the tasks would you enjoy, not mind or not enjoy doing?

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