Listen to care workers talking about the qualities they need to do their jobs.  Learn new vocabulary, practise your listening skills and learn more about what it takes to be a care worker.


Task 1 - ordering

How many of the qualities in the film did you write in your list?

Task 2 - matching




Honesty above all

I like people.  I like talking to people of all backgrounds.

Listening skills

A strong you know

Definitely a strong stomach



Not judgemental


If that was my grandmother or grandad, how would I like them not to have to ... And if they follow that pattern, they can’t go wrong, can they?  But if they’ve got it in them, that’s what they will do anyway because it’ll come naturally, won’t it?

When I employ people the term caring doesn’t even come in to it but the basic values of wanting to provide help to somebody, I suppose, would be there.

Sense of humour, yeah


Team work.

Yes, team work and being able to get on with each other.

An incredibly caring nature.

You can take your emotions to the limit but you don’t cross the line.  That is so hard because you do get fond, you know you get real really fond of them.



  • What qualities do you need to be a good care worker? 
  • Have you got these qualities?
  • Can you give an example to show how you have each quality?

Write and tell us.