This video was filmed in a deli bar. It shows staff attending a briefing (meeting) with the head chef. Before watching, think about the possible purpose of the chef’s briefing. Watch the video to check your ideas. Then look at the answers.


Task 1 - on the menu

Which dishes are on the hot deli menu today? Try this task to see if you can remember the dishes. Then watch the video again to check your answers.

Task 2 – special dietary needs


The chef points out the ingredients that may cause problems for people with special dietary needs, e.g. dishes that contain dairy (milk products) or nuts. It is important for staff serving customers to have this information.

Do the exercise below and then listen again to check your answers.

You can find more practice of the language of special dietary needs here:

Special dietary needs



Head chef:      Today it’s Friday. We’ve got soup, curried vegetable soup, curry spices in there, cumin, coriander, garam masala,… parsnips, carrots, onions, potatoes and garlic – the main course is … battered haddock. The haddock is from the North Atlantic, OK? Em, served with chips and there will be peas and mushy peas, either or. We have tartar sauce. Tartar sauce obviously is capers, gherkins and mayonnaise. Alright? We’ve also done a grilled haddock for the ladies and those that don’t want batter. Em, obviously that’s gluten free, dairy free, etcetera. Em, the vegetarian today is Mexican quesadilla. OK, it’s a folded tortilla, inside you have creamed potato, jalapenos, sweetcorn and grated cheese. We’ve then chargrilled that, run it through the oven and we’re serving it with a tomato salsa, which has got onions, spring onions, tomatoes and coriander, OK? The only thing in that is gluten and dairy, which are the allergens. At the end, jacket topper, you’ve got (I’ve forgotten) turkey, mushroom and blue cheese. OK, this is made with a béchamel, so it contains gluten as well, em and obviously dairy ‘cos it’s a creamy sauce. OK? Er, on the hot deli over there we have chicken satay. OK chicken satay contains nuts. Nuts, nuts, nuts. OK?  Em, obviously made with a Thai paste using galangal, ginger, lime, coriander, finished with peanut butter and coconut milk, and that’s going to be served with sweet chilli sauce, which is a natural accompaniment to that. And that, my friends, is Friday. Thank you very much.


Have you ever been to a chef’s briefing? What kind of information did the chef give?

Please share with us and post a comment below,

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