Do you remember any opening and closing checks that café/canteen/restaurant staff must do?

In this unit you listen to someone talking about the checks that they have to do at the end of the day. This will help you follow instructions at work.

Watch this video of the deli counter attendant talking about what she has to do at the end of the day.


Task 1 – listening for gist:

Task 2 – listening for detail


Thinking of now at the end of… at the end service, at the end of the day, what things do you have to do in terms of storage and again, things you need to check… or anything like that?

OK, you need to know which food you can keep for another day and which one needs to go. It’s like  kind of a wastage thing… what you need to... also record what is your wastage, so you’re following what’s your profit, what’s the wastage and stuff. And em, the things what you can keep you kind of em, cling-foil* them, pack them, vacuum and label them. So the information is about what they… the fillings been prepared, or – whatever I’ve got here  was prepared - and er what is the use-by date – is very important to know. And em, so I kind of pack the stuff away, put it and store it in the fridges over there in the kitchen so the deli bar is (like) clean and em, basically everything… everything goes, everything needs to be washed. We don’t use anything, as… as we said about hygiene, it’s very important to wash the things and er sanitise everything, clean the deli bar, clean the glasses, clean the surfaces. As well, em, as we’re using the equipment – there’s a grill for the hot deli – it needs to be cleaned, washed as well. So that’s what I’m doing after the service – just packing the stuff and the cleaning.

 *means cling-film


Make up a list of three things you need to know before you start working in catering.

Do you have experience of doing closing checks in a café/restaurant? What did you have to do?

Please share with use and post your comments below.