Watch this video; a deli counter attendant tells us about food preparation. 


Task 1 - listening for gist


Watch the video. A deli counter attendant tells us about food preparation. Which area of food preparation does she focus on?

Task 2 - vocabulary


The counter attendant uses words associated with talked about hygiene. Try to match the words and definitions.



You need to clean as (you) go. I mean don’t… don’t mess plates and clean it afterwards. Let’s say I’ve got to serve these lunchtime customers, and I’ve got here a board, knives and I’m keeping things separated. So let’s say the green boards are for vegetables, so I’m using it for vegetables – I’m not going to mix it with the yellow one which is for the cooked meat. And er as well, our knives, (like) kind of wipe them with the blue cloths – antibacterial – keep the place clean and kind of avoid the cross… cross cross-contamination (I’m sorry) of the bacteria to the food ‘cos it can cause the food poisoning, it can go really far which is not good and er…. yeah, so just try to keep the place really really clean and It’s not just the deli bar, it’s the kitchen and everywhere around… wipe it… ‘cos food poisoning, as I said, a massive issue.


If you have worked in food preparation in a café/canteen/restaurant, do you have any tips for others?

Share your ideas with us and post a comment below.

Now try the next set of exercises about food hygiene.

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  • Read about HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
  • Learn how to wash your hands properly. (type in search engine "hand wash"), it is special method to do this, which is used by chiefs or surgeons.
  • Wash your hands, always before touching food. After smoking cigarrets too! Food has got very bad taste, when you touch it after smoking.
  • Dont't work if you are ill.
  • Don't touch food if you have an injury.