washing hands

Watch the clip above and see what chemicals the counter attendant uses.


Task 1 – cleaning vocabulary


Watch the clip again; you will hear some words related to cleaning. Then do the activity below to identify the words the counter attendant uses.


Task 2 - The 4 Cs

The basic principles of safe food preparation are called the ‘4 Cs’:

  • clean,
  • cook,
  • chill 
  • cross-contamination.

What do you think each ‘C’ involves?

The 11 short videos below were produced by the Food Standards Agency (FSA): Watch them and try the quiz below


Quiz adapted from FSA page: Safer food, better business teaching resources for colleges


Are there any particular rules that you have to follow in terms of hygiene?

Em, yeah, you’ve got the different… different detergents, like, let’s say the sanitiser, you’ve got this one is like for the surface cleaning. We’ve got a sanitiser for the glass. Well, I’ve got only these two, but if you go further to the kitchen you will find for the oven and for the different surfaces. Em, the cleaning machine… I mean… er (what’s it called) the washing machine, sorry, yeah they’re using different chemicals as well. There’s a special cleaning cupboard for the chemicals, so you keep them separated from the food storage.


If you have worked in food preparation in a café/canteen/restaurant, do you have any tips for others?

Post a comment below to share them with us.

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