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Once you have done the 'Before you watch' activity above, watch the video above about opening checks.


Before you watch

What kind of checks should staff do at the end of the day after closing (closing checks)? E.g. throw away food past its ‘use by’ date.

After thinking about this, compare your ideas with those in the activity below.

Task 1 - listening for gist

Task 2 - listening for detail

Watch the video again and then see if you can answer these question about what the deli counter attendant said.


First you need to know and kind of organise your - so where do you want the things, or (like) you kind of need to know what’s your layout of the deli bar going to be. So we’ve got in the middle these wooden boards where goes our grab-and-go sandwiches, they’re like pre-made so customers can ready buy them. And after we’ve got (like) a main fillings here in the big bowls and there in the big bowls, kind of trying to separate the vegetarian options and also the meat options. Also we’ve got these wooden boards here, and again meats, fish, cheeses and meat, so as we’re talking about the safety of the food and the hygiene, you kind of need to keep the things separated. Em, vegetables, noodles, couscous or pasta or whatever your options for the salads going to be. Em, right so, (we) in this branch we do the fillings from (the) scratch. You can also… some catering places can buy them as ready made, but we do them from (the) scratch. So most like a tuna mayo, that’s the popular one, egg mayonnaise, four cheese and onion mix. And em, so yeah, basically you need your stuff which is in the fridges, you get it out, you mix it, you’ve got some kind of simple recipes to follow, you know, mix the mayonnaise with eggs and pepper...

Is there anything you need to check, in… in the morning when you come in?

Well, you need to know what you’ve got, and what you need, what you can work with. Em, as well I’m making the sandwiches for… for the fridges. So I’m kind of following my list, what I need to make and em therefore I’m preparing the stuff for myself, what is going to be used in them sandwiches. Em, so you kind of need to use your… use your common sense and logical order and em yeah and after it’s just stuff like cutting the veg and lettuce, doing some preparations, making sandwiches, and…and it is kind of em simple, if you know what you’re doing, but first of all you just need to get in-side and get some experience and after it’s OK.


Have you worked in a restaurant or café? What things did you have to do before you open?

Share your ideas by posting a comment below.

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