The video above shows a customer paying for food in a London café. The café owner, Victor (originally from Turkey), offers table, counter and takeaway service.


Task 1 - Listening

Watch the video above and answer the questions below about the customer's order.

Task 2 – Listening for detail

In the next activity we focus on detail. Watch the video again and try to do the gap fill exercise.



Waiter:               Hi, how are you?

Customer:        Fine thanks.

Waiter:               Your order is ready. Is it liver, bacon, mashed potatoes, peas, gravy, onion?

Customer:        Yeah.

Waiter:            And one roast chicken dinner and two bits of roast chicken and extra thick gravy on the side.

Customer:        That’s brilliant.

Waiter:               Anything else for you?

Customer:        Can I pay by card?

Waiter:                Yes, sure you can. It will be £15 altogether. Thank you.

Customer:        Put your PIN number please here for me.

Waiter:                Thanks very much

Customer:        Cheers, thanks a lot.

Waiter:                Have a lovely day.

Customer:        And you. Thanks, bye.

Waiter:                 Thank you.



In this video and the videos in 'taking payment 1'  how do the customers pay? What other methods of payment are there?

How would you prefer to pay for meals in a café or restaurant?

Add your comments below to share with us.