Chefs welcoming customers

The clip above is a video of a waiter greeting a group of customers. Watch the video and then try the activities below


Task 1 - Greeting

What impression does the waiter give. Choose the correct options below.

Task 2 - Listening 1

Try to complete the gaps in the exercise below. Watch the video again to check your answers. 

Task 3 - Listening 2


Listen to these six short dialogues. What kind of eating places do you think the people are in? What greetings do they use?

Task 4 - Polite intonation

In the UK, waiters and waitresses sometimes greet customers in an informal way. But, it is always important to use polite expressions and polite intonation.

Here are some of the things the waiter/waitress said.  Listen and repeat.

Try to copy the intonation. 



Video transcript

Waiter:             Good evening. Welcome. Table for four?

Customer:       Yes, please.

Waiter:             This way, please.

Customer:       Thank you.

Waiter:             You’re welcome.

Waiter:             I’ll be your host today. Do you want me to take your jacket?

Customer:       Thank you very much.

Waiter:             There you go.

Customer:       Thank you.

Waiter:             You’re welcome. I’ll get you the menu. I’ll come as soon as possible.

Customer:       Thank you.


Audio transcripts

Dialogue 1

Waiter:             Good evening, sir. Do you have a reservation?

Customer:       Yes I do. The name’s Campbell.

Waiter:             Thank you. Your table’s ready, Mr Campbell. This way, please.


Dialogue 2

Customer:       Have you got a table for six?

Waitress:         Afternoon. Have you booked?

Customer:       No, we haven’t.

Waitress:         I’m sorry but all the tables are taken.

Customer:       Can we wait?

Waitress:         Yes, but it’ll be about half an hour.

Customer:       OK, we’ll leave it. Bye.

Waitress:         Sorry about that. Bye.


Dialogue 3

Customer:       Hi, can we sit here?

Waiter:             Hi. That table’s reserved, I’m afraid. How about this one by the window?

Customer:       OK, thanks.


Dialogue 4

Customer:       Hello, is it table service?

Waitress:         Hello. Yes, just take a seat and I’ll be with you in a minute.

Customer:       Thanks.


Dialogue 5

Waiter:             Good afternoon. Are you ready to order?

Customer:       Not quite yet, can you give us a few more minutes?

Waiter:             Sure.

Customer:       And could you bring the children’s menu, please?

Waiter:             Yes, of-course.


Dialogue 6

Waitress:         Hi.

Customer:       Hi, do you have a table for two?

Waitress:         Do you prefer inside or out?

Customer:       Outside. It’s such a lovely day!

Waitress:         Yes it is. (pause) Is this table OK?

Customer:       That’s fine, thanks.


What do you think is important when greeting customers in a restaurant? Have you ever had any problems? Add your comments below

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