What different types of menu are there?

Watch the video clip of a London café owner, Victor (originally from Turkey). An interviewer asks him about the types of menu in his café. 


Task 1 - Listening

What types of menus does Victor's cafe have? Try the activity below.

Task 2

Listen to these words from the video. How many syllables do the words have? Where is the main stress?

              o   O

e.g.      desserts 

Menu Types - Word Stress by ESOL Nexus



Video transcript

Interviewer:     So Victor, The Hamlet Café menu?

Victor:              Yes.

Interviewer:     What type of food do you offer on the menus?

Victor:              It’s like three different types of menu – the breakfast, lunch and the dinner. And you also have desserts and in the main menu we’ve got (like) all the continental foods.

Interviewer:     All the continental?

Victor:              Yeah. And typical English lunch, English breakfast, all the lunch dishes and dinner times.

Interviewer:     And do you have a children’s menu?

Victor:              Yeah, we have a kid’s menu, also vegetarian dishes.

Interviewer:     Are there quite a lot of vegetarians?

Victor:              Yeah, there is. Yeah. And like six, seven selections on the menu.

Interviewer:     What if you have someone who has an allergy to nuts or something?

Victor:              Yes, or cheese – we do something without.

Interviewer:     OK.

Victor:              We’ve got a very popular breakfast and (we’ve got) mousaka is very popular here. We do fresh fish, which is very popular, and roast dishes. Whatever we put on the menu, it just (like everything) carries on, keeps going – we can’t keep them long. Anything, like kid’s menu, homemade dishes we just make them three times a week. Fish and chips we sell (like) four or five boxes, which is over 100 pieces.

Interviewer:     I noticed you have a specials board outside and today it’s fish and chips.

Victor:              And we’ve got (like) the weekend till 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock mainly breakfast and after 1 o’clock/ 2 o’clock we sell roast dishes, especially Sundays.

Interviewer:     Sunday roast, yeah.

Victor:              And also we’ve got quite a lot of nice other dishes - homemade lasagne, spaghettis, everything. Yeah.

Interviewer:     That’s lovely.




What kind of menus do restaurants that you know have? What are the most popular? What are your favourites? Add a comment below and tell us.

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