Watch the video of four customers in a restaurant. What is wrong with the bill? Does the waiter change the bill?

Do you think the customer left a tip?


Task 1 - Missing words

Listen again and complete the phrases.

Task 2 - Matching phrases

Listen to the two short dialogues between waiting staff and customers. 

Match the two halves of the waiter’s phrases as you listen again to both dialogues.


Customer 1:    Thank you. Oh I’m sorry, but was the escalope £6, I thought?

Waiter:             I do apologise, but that is a promotion we do during lunchtime not during the dinnertime.

Customer 1:    Oh, OK.

Customer 2:    It’s not very clear on the menu, is it?

Customer 1:    No, no. That’s a shame.

Waiter:             Well, it does say on the menu. If you look at the bottom on the right side it does say that the promotion’s only at lunchtime. I do apologise.

Customer 1:    Oh OK. No, that’s fine. Thank you very much. Thanks.

Dialogue 1

Waiter:             Was everything OK, Madam?

Customer:       Delicious, thanks.

Waiter:             Good. Would you like some tea or coffee?

Customer:       No thanks. Can I have the bill now, please?

Waiter:             Yes, of-course.

Waiter:             Here’s the bill, Madam.

Customer:       Thank you. Can I pay by American Express?

Waiter:             I’m sorry we don’t accept American Express. We take Visa or Mastercard.

Customer:       It’s OK, I’ll pay cash. Is service included?

Waiter:             Yes it is. (pause) Thank you. I’ll get your change.

Customer:       Don’t worry. Keep the change.

Waiter:             Thank you very much.

Customer:       You’re welcome. Goodbye.

Waiter:             Thank you. Goodbye.

Dialogue 2

Customer:       Could you bring the bill, please?

Waiter:             Certainly. Was everything all right with your meal?

Customer:       It was fine, thanks.

Waiter:             I’ll get your bill.

Customer:       I’ve been overcharged for the main meal. We had two chicken dishes, not fillet steak.

Waiter:             Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I’ll get that sorted out immediately.

Waiter:             Apologies for that. We’ve taken one main dish off your bill.

Customer:       Just as well I checked. So how much is it now?

Waiter:             It’s £34.90, including service charge.

Customer:       And do the waiters get the service charge?

Waiter:             Yes we do.

Customer:       OK, I’ll pay with Visa.

Waiter:             That’s fine. Could you put your PIN number in and press enter, please.

Customer:       Can I have a receipt for that?

Waiter:             Yes, of-course. Here you are. Thank you very much.

Customer:       Thanks. Bye.

Waiter:             Bye.


What problems have you had with bills? How do sort them out? What advice would you give to other people? Leave a comment below and let us know

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unable to find the audio/video for Dialogue 1 & 2 re 'which customer is happier and why'? These are great resources by the way - thanks

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Hi Sarah, you can find the audio at the top of the activity in Task 2.