Restaurant customers

What do many British people like to put on their fish and chips? .

Answer: salt & vinegar. Salt and vinegar are two kinds of ‘condiments’.

Can you think of other condiments or accompaniments you have seen in the UK?  What about in your home country?

Watch the short video clip of a café owner, Victor, serving two customers. Write down any condiments or accompaniments you notice.

You can check your answers on the 'Answers' tab below.


Task 1 - Offering condiments


Before you watch the video again, put the dialogue between Victor and one of the customers into the correct order. Then watch the video to check your answers.



Video transcript

Waiter to chef:            Can I have a side plate please for the bones? Thank you.

Waiter:                         Hi. Sorry for the delay. Here’s your side plate and chicken wings meal and portion of pitta bread, sir.

Would you like any chilli sauce/garlic sauce with your meal?

Customer:                   Chilli sauce, please.

Waiter:                         Yeah, sure.


Waitress:                     Would you like sauce?

Young woman:            No thank you. (to young man) Would you like sauce?

Young man:                No.


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