Wheat intolerance

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What special dietary requirements does the customer mention?

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Do you know anyone with a special diet? Maybe someone you know is allergic to a certain food, for example, nuts or seafood. 

Try the matching exercise to practise vocabulary related to some special dietary needs.

Can you think of other special dietary needs? Some people prefer to eat certain types of food, e.g. halal or kosher.

For further information, visit the Food Standards Agency website. This link gives practice in identifying ‘allergens’ in Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean and deli counter dishes.

Task 1 – special dietary needs quiz

You may already know a lot about special dietary needs, especially if you have an allergy yourself. Try the quiz to find out how much you already know and follow the link if you want to find out more: more food allergy facts.

Task 2 - listening 1


Watch the video again.

The customer has some special dietary needs; what can she eat?

Task 3 – listening 2

Watch the video again to find out what the customer orders.



Counter attendant:      Hiya.

Customer:                    Hi. I actually have a gluten intolerance. (Do you have) what do you have?

Counter attendant:      I can’t really offer any bread because that’s with gluten, but we can make a salad for you if you like.

Customer:                    OK.

Counter attendant:      If that’s alright. ‘cos basically anything you can have meat, fish. Are you OK with the meat?

Customer:                    I’m a vegetarian.

Counter attendant:      As well?

Customer:                    Yeah. OK.

Counter attendant:      Oh, are you vegan or vegetarian?

Customer:                    I’m just vegan, oh sorry, just vegetarian!

Counter attendant:      Just vegetarian – you eat stuff like eggs. Well we can go for some cheese, like feta cheese salad maybe?

Customer:                    OK, that sounds fine. (pause) And maybe some of the roast peppers? Is that roast peppers?

Counter attendant:      Yeah, so what would you like?

Customer:                    All the salad would be fine.

Counter attendant:      You’d just like a mixture, OK. (pause – preparing food) And what would you like then? What filling?

Customer:                    Could I have some of the feta cheese, please?

Counter attendant:      Sure. Do you want some olives with that, or…?

Customer:                    Yes, yeah. That’d be great, thanks.

Counter attendant:      Yeah, any…?

Customer:                    Is that hummus?

Counter attendant:      That’s harissa hummus – it has got harissa paste in there.

Customer:                    What is harissa?

Counter attendant:      It’s like a chilli paste, it’s kind of spicy. Are you OK with spicy?

Customer:                    Yeah, yeah, that’s good, yeah.

Counter attendant:      Sure. And would you like any dressing or are you fine? I’ve got French dressing, Caesar dressing, or chilli sauce.

Customer:                    Could I have some French dressing?

Counter attendant:      Sure. Is that enough?

Customer:                    Yeah, that’s plenty.

Counter attendant:      And are you taking away or eating in?

Customer:                    Take away.

Counter attendant:      Take away. (pause – preparing food) There we go.

Customer:                    Great, thank you.

Counter attendant:      Thank you.



Have you ever suffered from an allergy or food intolerance? What were the effects? Is there any prevention or cure?

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