Watch the video of a counter attendant serving a customer at a deli counter.


Task 1 - deli counter food

Some examples of typical deli food can be found in the activity below.

Task 2 - listening comprehension

Task 3 - deli food

As well as sandwiches, there is usually a selection of salads and other cold foods at a deli counter. What else would you expect to find?




Activity 1: Taking Orders

Customer:                    Hi

Counter attendant:      Hiya, are you alright?

Customer:                    I’d like a sandwich. Can you tell me what you have?

Counter attendant:      Yeah, sure. Well, first you can choose from our bread: we’ve got brown baps, brown baguettes, white baguettes, soft white baps or these little buns or there’s normal sliced bread – brown or white, whatever you wish.

Customer:                    Maybe a baguette, please.

Counter attendant:      And would you like brown or white?

Customer:                    Brown, please.

Counter attendant:      Sure, just be a second.

Customer:                    It looks really nice.

Counter attendant:      Would you like some butter with your baguette?

Customer:                    Yes, please. Butter would be great.

Counter attendant:      What else?

Customer:                    What do you have?

Counter attendant:      Well, you can choose (like) from the main fillings. I’ve got the vegetarian options: cheese and onion, egg mayonnaise, that’s Perfetto cheese or the cheeses here. Or you can choose (like) the fishes: that’s the fishes – salmon, smoked mackerel, tuna or prawns, prawn cocktail. Or meat - chicken, pastrami, beef, turkey, ham, whatever you fancy.

Customer:                    OK great, can I have the chicken?

Counter attendant:      Chicken, just plain chicken?

Customer:                    Yeah, is that the only chicken?

Counter attendant:      I haven’t got any mixed chicken, so just plain. Do you want some mayonnaise with that?

Customer:                    Yeah, mayonnaise would be lovely.

Counter attendant:      OK. (pause) Yeah. And what salad would you like? 

Customer:                    Oh yeah, can I get spinach, please?

Counter attendant:      Anything else?

Customer:                    Salt and pepper.

Counter attendant:      Sure. Is that all?

Customer:                    Thank you, that’s great.

Counter attendant:      Yeah. Do you want it cut in half?

Customer:                    Yes, please.

Counter attendant:      And is it take away or eat in?

Customer:                    Take away.

Counter attendant:      Sure. There you go. Thank you.

Customer:                    Thank you very much.


Are deli counters popular in your region/country?

What kind of foods are served?

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