Taking an order

Click here to see a restaurant menu

What are the main parts of the menu above? Can you think of other examples of each?


Task 1 - Word order

Listen to what the customers order from the above menu and note down their orders.

Try the activity below and put the questions the waiter/waitress asks in the four dialogues into the correct word order. Listen to the dialogues again to check your answers.



Dialogue 1

Waitress:         Hello. Can I take your order?

Customer:       Yes. Can I have the soup of the day and a sparkling water?

Waitress:         Would you like homemade bread or a roll with that?

Customer:       Bread, please, with some butter.

Waitress:         Anything else?

Customer:       Not for now, thanks.

Waitress:         OK. I’ll get that for you.

Dialogue 2

Waiter:             Hi. What would you like today?

Customer:       Hi. I’ll have the spicy bean burger, please.

Waiter:             Would you like anything to drink with that?

Customer:       Just tap water, please.

Waiter:             OK, we’ll bring it over in five minutes.

Dialogue 3

Waiter:             Hi, are you ready to order?

Customer 1:    Yes. Can I have the salmon and rocket salad?

Customer 2:    And I’ll have the aubergine pasta.

Waiter:             OK. And anything to drink?

Customer 1:    Could I have an apple juice?

Customer 2:    And I’ll have a beer.

Waiter:             Thanks.

Dialogue 4

Waitress:         Hello. What would you like?

Customer 1:    I’d like the chicken liver pate for starters.

Customer 2:    And I’ll have the garlicky mushrooms.

Waitress:         And for the main course?

Customer 1:    I’d like shepherd’s pie

Customer 2:    Same for me, please.

Waitress:         Any drinks?

Customer 2:    Can we see the wine list? And some mineral water, please.

Waitress:         I’ll get those for you.



Have you ever been asked for anything strange by customers? Do you ever have any problems taking orders? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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How can you play the video/audio listening to 'customers ordering from a menu' ??

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Hi Sarah, you can find the listening in Task 1. Enjoy!