Do you have to wear anything at work to say safe? Listen to Rene asking his supervisor about what Personal Protective Equipment he needs to use while he is working. In this activity you will learn vocabulary to talk about important items of PPE and practise listening to English.


Task 1 - vocabulary

Task 2 - information about personal protection


Anna:                  Oh hi, how are you?

Rene:                  I’m very well, thanks and you?

Anna:                  I’m fine thanks.  How can I help?

Rene:                  Can you tell me when I need to wear gloves?

Anna:                  Yeah, any time you are cleaning. They are colour-coded, you’ve got blue for outside areas, yellow for in the kitchen areas and red ones for toilets.

Rene:                  OK, so that’s blue for outside, yellow for kitchens and red for toilets.

Anna:                  Yes, that’s right.

Rene:                  And do I have to wear a mask or goggles in the job?

Anna:                  Yeah, you have to wear goggles when you use strong chemical products so that you don’t breathe in the fumes or splash any into your eyes.  This would be harmful to your throat, your lungs and of course your eyes.

Rene:                  I see.  Where can I get a mask or goggles?

Anna:                  There’s a box in the cupboard.  But also you’ll have to wear an apron for when you diluting any strong chemical products to protect yourself and your clothes that you are wearing.

Rene:                  Oh great.  Thanks.

Rene:                  And my shoes are OK for working in?

Anna:                  Oh, well they’re very nice shoes, but not for working in.  You need to wear something to protect yourself from the chemicals or something that you may  drop on your feet.

Rene:                  Oh, I see.  Do I have to buy my own or can I get some here?

Anna:                  We’ll get some for you. If you can tell us your size then I’ll order some today.

Rene:                  Great, thanks.


  • What PPE do you need to use at your workplace?
  • Can you ask for help getting it from your supervisor?
  • Are there any problems with the PPE that you use?

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