A cleaner needs to know what things to use for his/her job. Phil tells Susana about the things to use for her job and what to do.


Task 1 - cleaning words

Task 2 - complete the instructions


Phil:     Ok, you’ll find everything you need here.
Susana:  I’ll take this trolley? What do I need?
Phil:     Everything for cleaning the offices. So you need duster and polish.
Susana: I need duster and polish?
Phil:     Yeah, and bin-liners for the bins, and the vacuum cleaner.
Susana: I need bin-liners for the bin, and vacuum cleaner?
Phil:     Yes. That’s everything.
Susana: Okay, let me check. The duster, the polish, the vacuum cleaner.
Phil:     Yes, don’t forget the bin-liners for the bins.
Susana: Got it. I need the duster, the polish, the vacuum cleaner and the bin-liners! Right, what should I do first?
Phil:     Empty the bins and put new bin-liners in. 
Susana: Empty the bins and …..what? Sorry. Could you say that again?
Phil:     Yes, put new bin-liners in the bin. Okay?
Susana: Yes. Okay, so I need to empty the bins and put new bin-liners in?
Phil:     Yes. That’s right. Next, dust the desks.
Susana: Dust? What do you mean?
Phil:   Dust the desks … with the duster. Let me show you.
Susana: Duster! I see. Dust the desks with the duster.
Phil:     And use some polish as well. Last, vacuum the carpets. 
Susana: Okay, so I need to dust the desks, and use some polish, and vacuum the carpets.
Phil:     Right.
Susana: What about the floors?
Phil:     Right. You need to use the floor cleaner, with the bucket and the mop.
Susana: Okay, so I need the floor cleaner and the bucket and mop?
Phil:     Yes, that’s right.



There are many different products which are used for cleaning. Do you know all the products that you use? Check them the next time you do your job and learn the ones that you don't know.